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Diomides & Associates Pty Ltd was established in Victoria 21 years ago in response to a rapidly growing demand for professional, specialist environmental consultants - to address specific environmental issues- particularly those associated with the environmental assessment and remediation of contaminated sites throughout Melbourne and Victoria. Our company provides clients with the benefit of forty years of environmental management and environmental consulting experience, is widely recognised as a leading company of accredited site contamination specialists for the assessment and remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater, and are well known experts in this field.

We are a small business operating throughout Melbourne and Victoria which is highly regarded for its emphasis on professionalism, confidentiality, efficiency, and excellence in the quality of its specialist environmental consultant services. Unlike the majority of our competitors, our company is a small, specialised, and totally Victorian owned and operated company with all its assets and profits remaining in Victoria. We provide a personalised consulting service to each of our clients and we find that our fees are significantly more competitive than those of large, overseas based consulting companies.

In servicing our clients, we monitor the rapidly changing issues, requirements and regulations concerning site contamination, environmental audits, landfills, and other environmental issues, and we advise our clients on the most efficient and effective options and solutions, and on the implications of current and proposed legislation in Victoria.

Our company is an accredited founding member of the Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association in Victoria, is a recognised member on the environmental panels of most banks and financial institutions in Australia, and is fully backed with professional indemnity and public liability insurance to the value of $5M each. Our Principal Director is a Lead Environmental Auditor on the Register of Certified Auditors of RABQSA International. This certification has national and international standing.


We run a Bookkeeping & Accounts practice for small to medium business, we also provide payroll Our work experience include working for Irish Sole Traders & Small Business Companies and our clients include Retailers, Wholesalers, Building Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Consultants, Traders (various) and many more Give us a call and we will quickly sort out your account headache.


Site Contamination Assessments (Phase I & II).

Groundwater Assessments.

Soil & Groundwater Assessments for Statutory Environmental Audits.

Environmental Site Assessments

Soil Vapour Assessments.

Risk Assessments.

Remediation & Clean Up of Contaminated Sites.

Removal & Validation of Underground Storage Tanks & Triple Interceptor Traps.

Preparation of Site Contamination Management Plans & Remediation Action Plans.

Due Diligence & Compliance Assessments.

EPA Soil Characterisation/Classification Work for Off-Site Disposal or Re-Use of Waste Soils.

Acid Sulphate Soil Assessments.

Asbestos in Soil Investigations.

Peer Reviews.

Expert Evidence & Litigation Work

Expert Evidence & Litigation Work

Negotiations with Local Councils in Victoria regarding Environmental Audit and Environmental Assessment Conditions on Planning Permits.

Inspections & Assessments to Check Compliance with Environmental Audit and Environmental Assessment Conditions

For projects where the issue of a Certificate or Statement of Environmental Audit is required, our company routinely carries out all necessary site contamination assessments and groundwater investigations, remediates or cleans up the site, prepares a formal report, and refers the client to one of our preferred, independent EPA Auditors who reviews our report and issues a Certificate or Statement of Environmental Audit.

As part of our company's extensive experience with hundreds of site contamination projects and our particularly efficient approach to site contamination assessment and remediation projects, we regularly engage and supervise a number of experienced contractors who work almost exclusively on the clean up and remediation of contaminated sites, including removal of underground fuel tanks and demolition of buildings and other structures. Our company can therefore provide a complete service for any projects involving site contamination issues, and consequently achieve significant cost savings.


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