As part of our company's extensive experience with hundreds of site contamination projects and our particularly efficient approach in the project management of site contamination assessment and remediation projects, we regularly engage and organise experienced contractors who work almost exclusively on the clean up and remediation of contaminated sites, including removal of underground fuel tanks and demolition of buildings and other structures. Our company can therefore provide a complete service for any projects involving site contamination issues, and consequently achieve significant cost savings. Our range of site remediation services include the following:

  • Preparation of Site Contamination Management Plans & Remediation Action Plans
  • Removal & Validation of Underground Storage Tanks & Triple Interceptor Traps
  • Remediation & Clean Up of Contaminated Sites
  • EPA Soil Characterisation/Classification Work for Off-Site Disposal or Re-Use of Waste Soils
  • EPA Soil Characterisation/Classification Work for Sources of Clean Fill to be Imported onto Sites
  • Reinstatement of Sites Following Clean Up

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